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Power (kW/pmin)
C3 1.1i: 44/5500
Torque (Nm/pmin)
C3 1.1i: 60/5500
Acceleration 0-62 mph (s)
C3 1.1i: 16.5
Top speed (km/h)
C3 1.1i: 155
Fuel consumption, urban (mpg)
C3 1.1i: 35.8
Fuel consumption, extra-urban (mpg)
C3 1.1i: 57.7
Fuel consumption, combined (mpg)
C3 1.1i: 47.9
Wheelbase (mm)
C3 1.1i: 2466
Length (mm)
C3 1.1i: 3941
Height (mm)
C3 1.1i: - at the moment:
Different makes: 40
Different models: 2410
Embedded videos: 484
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